Biotech Novavax could going up several times

Apr 03, 2020

The clinical-stage vaccine company Novavax show a significant grow. Shares have gained 252.51% this year to $13,92 on 2, April. Novavax grows when the market falls, because the company has promising vaccines.

Novavax has own COVID-19 vaccine program and it is a promising additional growing factor. But on the same lines pharmaceutical giants also are developing vaccines against COVID-19. Most likely that large companies like Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson, will be first on this field. In a best-case scenario Novavax could give small grant for COVID-19 vaccine.

The good news is the flu vaccine NanoFlu from Novavax. NanoFlu is tested on late stage especially for senior citizens. Such vaccine is highly demanded because many modern vaccines aren’t efficient enough for older patients.

If NanoFlu will approved by FDA Novavax could give $1,7 billion annual proceeds on peak of sales.