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Portable dosimeters - the most popular idea on AliExpress Challenge

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Events 25.11.2015, Wed

Today announced the winners of AliExpress Challenge, which took place in the Russian Skolkovo Foundation. First place went to a compact monitor - a symbol of modern quiet and secure world.

The competition is organized by AliExpress Challenge Fund Skolkovo and by AliExpress (part of the Alibaba Group). The contest is held several nominations/

Main nomination "The finished product is to advance on the global market"

The winners are:

The first place — a draft of a portable dosimeter-radiometer DO-RA. This device can be connected to your phone or PC, and also to make part of a broad network of radiation monitoring.

Three times the place - the project of electronic locks Qlock for smart home. These locks use Energy Harvesting technologies, control access taking into account real-time and record the event. Battery life of the lock is 8 years.

The second nomination "The finished product for promotion on the Russian market"

First place VR-helmet Fibrum, which uses the smartphone's screen and no requires wiring connection.

Second place — robo-kit Umki for schoolchild grades 3-11.

The third nomination is "project at the stage of idea/prototype"

First place — smart badge for conferences, offices and hotels. The device has a display of the electronic paper and Wi-Fi adapter. It facilitates the exchange of business contacts and a vote on the events.

Second place - a project VikoVR 3D sensor for virtual reality with built-in gesture recognition (analogue Kinect for mobile devices).

Third place - Intelligent Assistant Go2Grow to care for plants.


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