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Events 05.01.2016, Tue offers copywriting: writing a truly high-quality text on any topic. The text in Russian is better to appeal to tech-savvy owners.

On you can order copyrighted material in Russian for different projects, e-commerce, corporate media, presentations, mass media, websites and other. Exclusive offer - is writing of the quality complex topics articles, including highly specialized, such as biotech, specialized equipment, technological solutions.

On your the order will be executed only two people: an erudite professional journalist with experience in scientific and technological fields and editor of the academic level. This ensures quality results. It’s not of the products from most copywriting agencies, that provide output absurd compilation, compiled by five authors and three editors with "the own vision".

If you are not going to laugh partners and scare off potential customers, it is best to use professional services.

The average cost of information materials on is 5 euro per 1000 letters. This compares with the text that you have already read before these words. Cost are flexible and are discussed in each case. It may also be agreement on the transfer to the customer all the intellectual property rights on the prepared materials.

The text for you to prepare a professional with 10 years of experience in the information industry, including working with large media holdings such as RBC, RIA Novosti, CNews,, TAdviser etc. The author can prepare the material of any kind on any theme, such as geographic information systems, venture capital investments, the IT market, medical, technology, inventory, engineering, surveying, environmental monitoring, pharmaceutical, advertising texts, advanced descriptions for catalogs, reviews, comparisons, etc.

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