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Skolkovo will bring 45 startups in Helsinki

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Events 09.11.2015, Mon

Skolkov Fund will participate in the startup festival Slush 2015 in Helsinki and will bring 45 innovative companies

Slush Festival 2015 will be held 11-12 November 2015 in Helsinki (Finland). Slush - the largest European event for investors, entrepreneurs and managers of large companies who are interested in new ideas. As part of Slush held a competition for the title of best startup and a prize of $ 500 000.

According, seven startups by Skolkovo have passed qualification and will participate in the pitch session for 100 of the most interesting projects. The pitch sessions will be attended by Russian Skolkovo startups from:


Video system for spherical shooting. The system is designed for a professional VR (virtual reality). The system provides streaming video, spherical view broadcasts in VR-helmet on a computer or mobile device.


ABBYY creates artificial intelligence technology that reads, transfer, acquisition and transformation of data into accessible and useful knowledge. Key technologies ABBYY concern four areas: OCR (text recognition) (OCR, ICR); document analysis; compiling dictionaries (lexicography); natural language processing). ABBYY solutions are available on all major mobile and stationary platforms.


Experts Promobot developed a fully autonomous robot with the functions of the guide, administrator and consultant. Promobot offloads the administrative staff and helps to avoid errors due to human factors. More than 50 robots Promobot already help visitors in cinemas, shopping malls, museums.

Astro Digital

The system of satellite imagery, which uses images Landsat and Landmapper in favor of urban development, agriculture, disaster prevention, forest management, business intelligence.


BioEnergy develops technologies for effective utilization of organic waste with the help of a plant for the pre-treatment of biomass. This technology allows to obtain twice the biogas from the same amount of waste.


The company develops innovative solutions for water purification from oil, petroleum products and heavy metal ions using a cleaning microgels.


Modern and simple system of online records and business management. The system transforms the lost contacts in the profitable customers and increase profits through-clock online booking, intelligent notification system, the cost of the optimization algorithm.

Also Skolkovo presenst at the Slush 25 promising developments resident companies, including Russia's first exoskeleton ExoAtlet; software suite of visualization and control automation solution iRidium for building/home; audio and video speech recognizer RealSpeaker; virtual reality system Intellect Motion with tactile feedback.

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