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VisionLabs won Entrepreneurial Breakthrough of the Year in Russia

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Events 27.07.2015, Mon

VisionLabs - software maker recognition of a new generation - Entrepreneurial Breakthrough of the Year in Russia. The company has become the best in the category Startup of the Year

VisionLabs specializes in the research activities in the field of computer vision, data mining and robotics. The company has developed search technology, support and recognition of faces in photos or video streaming technology, vehicle license number recognition in images or video sequences, the detection and tracking of people, groups of people.

Among the VisionLabs commercial products - Face SDK. This software module detection, tracking, analysis and recognition of people's faces in the video sequence. The program detects and allows the creation of galleries most suitable for object recognition. This gallery is created for each person in the image or video, and further searches for matches in the database. To handle facial recognition is used to fit the profile. Face SDK has high precision face recognition and gives the minimum number of false positives. VisionLabs one of the best companies in information technology cluster of Skolkovo Foundation. The company is already implementing a number of commercial products that are created including through development of Skolkovo. In March this year the company was an organizer of the first in Russian Competition on computer vision.

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