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Wikipedia has become a teenager

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Events 15.01.2016, Fri

The famous online encyclopedia is celebrating its 15th anniversary. For ten years Wikipedia has become the top database in the world.

The Oxford Internet Institute, who now works with Wikipedia Editathon, reported on the 15th birthday of Wikipedia. It is the largest social project in the history of the Internet. The filling of the encyclopedia was attended by millions of people. The site Wikipedia was launched on 15 Jan. 2001 and today is among the ten most popular websites. Furthermore, Wikipedia is the largest and most popular Internet reference book. If you need an answer to any question or a free photo - you're likely to refer to Wikipedia. Before the advent of Wikipedia had to learn the different links, to come up with a single answer.

Wikipedia has made an big positive contribution to the development of online education. Easily search, information on different languages, free access and free to add and edit content - is the unique advantages of Wikipedia. On the other hand, it is practically impossible to verify in real time the absolute accuracy of billions of specialized Wikipedia’s materials. Meanwhile, even incomplete information, such fragmentary historical chronicle, can lead the reader to the wrong conclusions. That's too bad, especially today, when people rarely look for several sources, but willing to share any information on forums and in social networks.

Whatever it was, Wikipedia has become a global reference database. Wikipedia in the future will be the basis of global data bank about everything. Our task - to help Wikipedia retain usefulness and relevance.

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