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American police are preparing to war?

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Futuris 27.03.2016, Sun

Ford is the first time offers the usual police cars equipped with armor to protect... against machine-gun fire. Do US citizens need to prepare for street's war?

Ford announced the armored doors for police sedans Interceptor. Class IV protection can stop armor-piercing rifle bullets of 7.62 mm, including the military machine gun caliber .308 and .30-06 hunting rifle caliber. But why are these cars?

Armor protection requirements for the of police cars have been identified by the Department of the Los Angeles police. According to the Department, the police asked for more protection, because the frequent skirmishes with the use of rifles. Fortunately, the police will be protected by heavy armor their new cars, but what about ordinary citizens?

Unfortunately, gun legislation has nothing to do with the level of armaments, which the criminals used. In Brussels, where the use of arms is prohibited, the terrorists have even machine guns and grenade launchers. Thus, the police and security forces armed with armored cars, machine guns. Criminals also have the same heavy weapons, but in the middle of all this are unarmed citizens.

The problem of terrorism, of course, is acute, but how effective armored cars on the street? If an ordinary patrol police car are under a machine gun's fire on the streets, whether it makes sense to protect it, because citizens already live on the front line, and it is time to bring to the streets of the National Guard.

Alas, in the 21st century, we came to the conclusion that the main weapon in the fight against criminals are the big guns, not big brains. It is easy to predict what the outcome of such an arms race.

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