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Flying air-cushion car - the military "Chirok"

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Military technology 18.08.2015, Tue

United Instrument Manufacturing Corporation (UIMC) introduced a photo full-size reconnaissance-strike drone "Chirok". UAV will be first presented to the public at the MAKS-2015

UAV "Chirok" ("Teal") is an original design - this is the first large-optionally piloted air-cushion VTOL vehicle (vertical takeoff/landing). "Chirok" also has wings and pushing fans for speedy longtime economical flight.

Designers UAV note that for takeoff drone enough area of 100 meters, the take-off and landing can be made to any surface: water, snow, swamps, deserts, asphalt, etc. The maximum altitude will be 6000 meters, and range - up to 2,500 kilometers. Maximum take-off weight of the device is only 700 kilograms at the maximum payload of 300 kilograms.

Initially the "Teal" is being developed as a military reconnaissance and strike UAV, which can also deliver small loads to remote inaccessible areas. In the future it is planned to produce drone in civilian version.

In fact, the "Teal" embodies the concept of a flying car: lightweight, compact, long range and low fuel consumption. This is optional, manned spacecraft, that is it can fly unmanned, or under the control of the pilot. In some cases, "Chirok" will deliver passengers to the operation of an unmanned taxi.

On the current status of the project, little is known. Flight tests of the scale model has been carried out. UIMC has not yet reported when the flight will begin testing a full-size prototype.

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