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The new howitzer - just twice as long

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Military technology 30.03.2016, Wed

Picatinny Arsenal engineers working a new version of M777 howitzers firing with a record range - up to 70 km. New technology has made impossible with conventional artillery.

The usual 155-mm howitzer M777 can fire up to 30 km, and is the average for modern cannons of this type. Artillery is still the primary means of fire support, since it has unique capabilities: precision shooting, small time of opening and transfer of fire, cheap shot. However, lack of cannon artillery - a relatively small range, so you have to use expensive tactical missiles.

New Howitzer M777A2, modernized by ERCA program, has a range of 70 km, which is twice firing guns expands the range and allows to destroy the enemy's artillery, staying out of range of enemy guns.

To achieve such outstanding results it was extending the barrel howitzer on 1.82 m. In this case, the mass of instruments grew by only 453 kg. Also, the range has increased due to the use of the newest rocket assisted projectile M1113 and a projectile XM654 with enhanced charge. Precision shooting at maximum range is not deteriorated by the new fire control system.

If testing of the new howitzer will be successful, it will get into the program by purchasing increased range weapons for the Army and the Marines and get M777ER index. Thus, while conventional artillery had not yet passed, and at least until the end of the century it will play a major role on the battlefield, while the rail gun and the capacitors will not come to replace the powder charge.

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