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Birthday in the fall - bad idea

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Science 22.03.2016, Tue

Scientists from the University of Southampton have found DNA markers that bind the season of birth and the likelihood of allergies. Autumn - the worst possible time for the birthday.

The scientists examined the DNA of people and found that certain epigenetic markers of allergy associated with the season of birth and stored for up to 18 years. The research is still in early stage, but already now it is possible to link certain types of allergies and time of birth.

So, people who were born in the fall are at greater risk of eczema than children born in spring. Also in autumn and winter children more likely to develop severe allergic diseases such as asthma.

While it is unknown how long may be the effect of epigenetic markers. Preliminary studies show that the high probability of an allergy can persist for up to 18 years. Theoretically, however, epigenetic markers may influence the expression (activity) of genes for many years, possibly for the next generation.

Thus, the birth of a fall or winter may affect all future generations, increasing the risk of allergic diseases. It turns out a kind of "horoscope" favorable season for the birth of children. Results of the study have clinical significance, that is statistically significant. Indeed, the season of birth seriously changes the probability of disease. Of course, scientists can not recommend to postpone pregnancy to childbirth occurred in the spring or summer. This requires further study.

But think, today more children are born in the autumn. It is possible that mankind would be much healthier if during generations more children were born in the spring and summer.

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