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Japanese conceived to destroy the oil business

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Science 23.03.2016, Wed

Japan's Scientists have developed a cheap photocatalyst, which allows to produce hydrogen using solar energy. Perhaps very soon hydrogen cars definitely kill of petrol cars.

Researchers from the University of Tokyo have created a cheap photocatalyst, which consists of two types of particles and a conductive layer deposited on the glass. Panel enough drop in the water and light up a bright light. Photocatalyst begins to break down water into hydrogen and oxygen at room temperature. The new catalyst conversion efficiency of solar energy into hydrogen is low - only 1.1%. However, the catalyst consists of available materials and can be manufactured using low-cost screen-printing. Huge sheets of glass with a photocatalyst may be simply placed on the surface of the lake in the bright sun light. As a result, we get a cheap inexhaustible source of free hydrogen.

The Japanese company Toyota in 2015 launched its first mass production hydrogen car Mirai. Such car instead of toxic substances released into the air only pure water vapor. The effectiveness of hydrogen fuel cells is greater than 80%, and gasoline engines is below 40%. Hydrogen cars in all respects superior to conventional, but still they did not have to abundant source of cheap hydrogen. Perhaps the problem will soon be solved.

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