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Bicycle car for all seasons

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Startups 17.04.2016, Sun

Swedish inventor has created a four-wheel bicycle, which you can ride all year round. The author of the original transport requests to support its project page at Indiegogo.

Mikael Kjellman loves to ride a bicycles, but in Sweden, most of the year too cold to use the bike as an everyday transport. To solve this problem, the inventor created the original closed body, which you can ride even on snowy Swedish roads. The vehicle called PodRide is not available for purchase directly, but you can support the introduction of mass production, followed by discount or purchased for $300 on the assembly drawings PodRide.

PodRide have four wheels, a soft comfortable seat, pedals and closed body. If you get tired of pedaling or need to climb the hill, you can enable the 250 watts electric motor. PodRide can travel 60 km per one battery charge and have a top speed of 25 km/h.

Developer PodRide use their vehicle on a daily basis, including for travel to and from work, in the shop. PodRide has a small trunk for a couple grocery bag. You can also hook up to the bicycle rack. The plans for the author of the project also have a longer version with a few seats and a larger rear luggage compartment.

Of course, PodRide is not a complete substitute for the car. Rather, it is an opportunity to use bicycle year-round. On PodRide can ride on cycle paths and dedicated lanes for electric vehicles. In winter ride on PodRide safer than a conventional two-wheeled bicycle. In addition, the type of car seat is much more comfortable than a bike. In summer the roof can be removed and in turn PodRide into cabriolet. This PodRide is a street legal bike: the vehicle can move around the bike paths (which is usually empty in the winter) and does not require a driver's license.

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