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How to turn a simple smartphone into a 3D-printer

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Startups 07.04.2016, Thu

On Kickstarter OLO project has collected a record more than a million dollars in 13 days before the end of the campaign. Crazy popularity is easy to explain - everyone wants 3D-printer for smartphone.

3D-printer OLO is a small box, which is placed on the screen of your smartphone. The box has a tank for special photopolymer ink and a tiny injector is powered by four AA batteries. To start printing, you must launch a special application, choose object model and put the box OLO on the smartphone screen. Light from the screen causes smartphone polymer to solidify in accordance with the selected model form. Thus you can print small "rubber" products, such as bracelets, stamps, jewelers and so on. The application “knows” the popular formats files .obj, .stl and .ply. Print takes a long time, for about 3 hours on the maximum size of the product, but the OLO can be put in a backpack and print anywhere, even during the journey.

Early versions of the OLO for preorder cost only $79, but has already sold out. It leaving only the options for $103. Deliveries are scheduled for August 2016.

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