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Pocket DNA laboratory

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Startups 24.03.2016, Thu

With the help of a "pocket" lab DNA Bento Lab you can make the analysis of the genome in any location, such as on the market to find horsemeat in the alleged "pork" meat.

On Kickstarter launched a very interesting project: compact laboratories for genomic analysis. The project received 100% funding for only 36 hours, and to date has raised more than £ 41,209.

Bento Laboratory is a small plastic box the size of a laptop that fits in a backpack. The box integrates all the necessary laboratory tools for DNA analysis: the centrifuge to extract the DNA from the biological sample; thermal cycler to copy the genome millions of times a piece; special imaging unit.

The original device enables field analysis of many different samples. For example, you can test foods for the presence of genetic modification, unauthorized products (animal genes in plant foods, and other types of meat), yeast strains for the brewery and so on. One Bento costs £ 699 (cheaper version is already sold out), the first deliveries are scheduled for November 2016.

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