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In the rainy season with a clever umbrella

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Startups 20.03.2016, Sun

On Kickstarter was successfully launched project smart umbrella, which not only looks beautiful, but also warns about the rain and the fact that it was forgotten.

Umbrella oombrella equipped with built-in sensors of humidity, pressure, temperature and light, as well as wireless communications chip. Also oombrella uses meteorological service wezzoo for the weather forecast. If is of the probability of rain user receives a message on a smartphone like "Warning, after 15 minutes of rain is expected! Take me with you." Also in the umbrella integrated buzzer and a light source, which alert of an incoming call on a smartphone. Oombrella also sends a message to your smartphone, if you forget your umbrella, for example, at a party or in a cafe.

Umbrella oombrella has two variants of colors and sizes. In both cases, the umbrella has a waterproof handle and reinforced kevlar inserts to withstand umbrella of any strength wind. It is also resistant to UV, has an original coloring and even ... mount for GoPro cameras.

Interestingly, with the help of an umbrella you can collect the statistics of weather in your area. Umbrella save data of the number and duration of use, saves the environment parameters and owner's coordinates travel.

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