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Russian Oriense glasses help visually impaired people

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Startups 28.03.2016, Mon

The Russian company Oriense received from the "Skolkovo" Foundation grant to create smart Oriense 3 device that use machine vision technology. Device will help the visually impaired and blind people orient themselves in space and even read.

Skolkovo's IT-cluster resident, company Oriense already sells a pilot version of its points OrNavi 2S. This device is a combination of the computer with GPS and glasses with built-in stereo camera. Glasses scan the surrounding space and computer processes visual signals and GPS data to detect an obstacle and work out a safe route.

On Grant "Skolkovo" will be developed more sophisticated wearable device called Oriense 3. It will use advanced algorithms for machine vision, industrial design and enhanced proprietary solutions. Oriense 3 will help to orient themselves in space and detecting obstacles such as stairs, pits, fences and so on.. In addition, glasses Oriense 3 will be able to recognize and articulate the text, written in different objects, such as signs.

Currently, the cost of the old version of the kit (navigator OrNavi 2S + OrCV glasses) costs about $ 480 in the maximum configuration.

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