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Spring has begun! Mini oven for pizza on Indiegogo

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Startups 17.03.2016, Thu

The project is a compact stove, running on gas or wood, raises on Indiegogo to 483% more money than the developers wanted. Ingeniously simple and beautiful stove appeared in time to the beginning of the picnic season.

Oven Roccbox by British inventors has raised $481,851 the month before the end of the campaign. A small oven has a simple and elegant design. Oven weighs only 20 kg and can reach temperatures up to 500 degrees Celsius. Pizza in such a oven can be prepared in just 90 seconds.

The furnace design allows the use of wood or safer for health and more environmentally friendly natural gas. In complete are two burners for gas and wood, which can change in a minute. Roccbox is quickly folding and can placed in the car. Kindle oven is very simple and is heated to a maximum temperature in just 15 minutes.

The food inside the oven is placed on a ceramic base size 315x340 mm. It should be noted that the height of the door a little - about the width of a hand. So the turkey in the oven so do not cook, but the kebabs, pizza, sausage or barbecue prepared quickly and without problems.

On top of the oven is coated with silicone to protect against accidental contact burns. The cost of one furnace Roccbox is $ 449. The first deliveries are scheduled for June 2016.

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