A taxi to the orbit - the third flight Blue Origin

Feb 22, 2020

Private space company Blue Origin on April 3, 2016 for the third race successfully landed booster, which in future will make spaceflight cheap and safe.

Space transportation system by Blue Origin is a reusable manned spacecraft called New Shepard and a reusable launch vehicle. After starting the rocket ship climb a predetermined height and then falls out on torch of its propulsion rocket engine BE-3. The advantage of this scheme is to reuse the rocket and spacecraft, which significantly reduces the cost of space travel.

During his third successful flight Blue Origin rocket successfully lifted the spacecraft New Shepard to a height of 101.5 km, which is considered to be the divide of the atmosphere and space. After that, the ship entered the Earth's atmosphere and landed softly using a parachute. Booster steeply falling to an altitude of 1.1 km (just six seconds before hitting the ground) and then successfully do ignition rocket engine. Powerful thrust slow down vertical speed and gradually sank to the launch pad.

This is an outstanding achievement not only for Blue Origin’s engineers, but for the entire space exploration. Reusable rockets would make space travel much more affordable and accessible. Blue Origin rocket can perform takeoff and landing with any solid grounds, including, theoretically, prepared sites on Mars or the Moon. It is really simple and flexible transport, which will accelerate the development of outer space.