Multimarriage is a shocking future of the families

Apr 11, 2020


Family and relationships is a social partnership of two people. But in the future it will be replaced by a multimarriage involving several adults.

The institution of marriage is waiting for major changes. By the end of the century marriage of several people will be legally valid. For the first time children will have multiple parents, and automakers need to think about a new concept of the family car. Multimarriage is a phenomenon that will change the world economy and human society.


The modern institution of the family has grown from a primitive society of farmers and the first feudal lords. The first documented monogamous (two partners) marriages recorded in Mesopotamia in 2450 BC.

The purpose of the institution of marriage was not a reproduction because humanity is handling this until the monogamous family. Monogamous marriage meet the needs of the age. Earlier all property was at the intercommunity of the tribe; and sex had is only the incest taboo. So, relationships were a mosaic of short and lasting ties. In addition, people simply hadn’t no single isolated houses for each family. Later, surpluses of household goods and food were appeared and were created material relations among people lead off permanent marriages. Initially, it was not a classic marriage of two people: a man could exchange goods and have sexual ties with several women.  At another point female had ties with a few men without any regulations.

Over time, the situation being changed. It was appeared the concept of private property, parenting completely fell on the shoulders of the family, increased the role of men as the owner - it was necessary to inherit property. Marriage has also become an important tool for the conclusion of a strategic partnership between the clans. As a result an biological paternity got an essential role. Later a monotheistic church and a state were controled of the institute of monogamy. The difference in the requirements for men and women led to the emergence of various kinds of monogamous marriage, such as polygamy - multiple marriage of one man with several women.

 Times change

Social relations have undergone major changes during last 100 years. Women’s role in society has grown and we can talk about achieving gender equality in the developed countries. Many taboos are disappearing except obligatory.

Today homosexual marriages are allowed in many developed countries.  Thus, legal marriage was the voluntary union of two adults, the state and society restrict only the minimum age and kinship in marriage. These changes were caused by socio-economic factors. Naturally, that modern marriage could evolve into a new type - multimarriage. It is be able to radically change the society and the economy.  


Multimarriage is an equal marriage a few adults. It is not about polygamy, several couples’ sexual partnership and things like that. A composition of the multimarriage union may be different: the unequal amount of both genders, ages, and totally homosexual. This is primarily an economic and social union that is more durable than a normal monogamous marriage. For multimarriage even needn’t sexual relationships between all members.

Multimarriage is strong tied group of people based on economic needs, living under the same roof, raising children, etc. Each member of the group has the same legal rights that each spouse in the modern family.

In principle such groups we can see everywhere, and they are a popular product of the media (TV shows such as "Friends," "How I Met Your Mother", etc.). Legalization such relationships is the next logical step.

Multimarriage – parenthood

It is easy to imagine a group of people living under one roof. Humanity lived in groups in ancient times and a lot of people are the same way of life today. For example, parents of one spouse or both spouses are actively involved in the upbringing of children, and even live together in many countries. In fact, this is multimarriage scheme. The only difference is that some of members are relatives. At the same time it isn’t any sexual relations between them, and a society accepts this form of the relations.

The concept of formal marriage is implied a shared responsibility for the upbringing of children, but a share of  responsibility by “biological’’ for the child between several people in most countries is not legal. However, there are suitable precedents. For example, in 2014 in Brazil in the child's birth certificate was recorded three parents: two women who are in a homosexual marriage and the biological father.

In addition, there is still physiologically children could only be the product of relations between the two people of different sexes. This is reflected and legally: family, children may be only two biological parent. At the same time the advanced biotechnologies could provide the revision of outdated views on parenting. At the beginning of 2015 in the UK was legalized the procedure of artificial insemination using genes from three people. Now the concept of "biological parents" may refer not only to the two people. Thus, key questions of multimarriage already have started to solve.

It should be remembered that in a multimarriage children will live in better conditions. They will have more brothers and sisters (group of friends for games and communication) and several parents that provide greater security and opportunities for entertainment and learning. At the same time each of parents in multimarriage has more personal time. In a typical family with two spouses everyone have the oversight of children 12 hours a day. In multimarriage with four spouses - only 6 hours.

Economy multimarriage

Love and romance are fine, but historically the structure of marriage were forming in accordance with the social and economic practicability. From this perspective the marriage of two people is archaic. The last century we have seen a rapid increasing the cost of modern goods with a moderate wage growth. This led to the fact that most large purchases were purchased in credit. In developing countries such purchases are not available to families at all.

Cars are good example. Serial Ford Model T in 1925 cost $260 or $3540 on today's money. At the same time Ford assembly worker’s wages was about $ 17,000 a year (based on 21 working days in the month). Today the salary of workers on the assembly line on average about $ 50,000 a year, and Ford Focus costs about $ 20,200. Therefore, the price of car has increased by almost 5 times, but wages - only 3 times. And these calculations are taken to the US, where the income level is high. In developing countries, incomes are 10-20 times lower, but a car costs the same as in the USA.

It is clear that we must pay for progress, but now a family of two working people have too high spending. An temporary unemployment is becoming a catastrophe for many families. In addition, a family of two people hardly ever have many children without a reducing the level of life.

Children are separate issue. Today in the US the cost of educating one child costs more than $245,000 according to the recent government report. In some regions, such as Manhattan it is twice as high up to $540,000. Thus, for the education of three children a family must annually allocates spend from $15,000 to $93,000. It is not surprising that in the developed countries, families with many children become a symbol of high prosperity.

On the contrary multimarriage is financially more stable. First of all, the cost of major purchases divided between several working people. It’s means a 30% of the cost falls on the family home because a house with 10 rooms is cheaper than two houses with 5 rooms each.  Sending children to kindergarten often costs more than college but multimarriage proposes a possibility to stay with kids at home and on the same time to give more free personal time. In a conventional marriage one spouse stays at home or is needed to hire a babysitter.

In multimarriage even if one of several members of the family loses his job, the family financial situation will worsen slightly. In addition members of the multimarriage have a potentially wider range of personal relationships, a stronger psychological support and a lower risk of falling into depression.


Divorce is a complex painful process with a psychological trauma and legal litigation. During the divorce and other similar tragedies multimarriage also has advantages over the conventional. In case of the conventional marriage the family is divided into two more weak parts with the destruction of the family business.

The multimarriage is more rock-solid because it is more probably that will gone on ore maximum two of members but the rest of multimarriage part could continue to fulfill its social function. Also several family’s members are capable to buy out the share of the property of one man in a divorce. Even if multimarriage is disintegrated completely the children will be have more social protection.

Multimarriage is more preferable during periods of a crisis. A group of people is more resistant to stress. In particular, studies in the universities of Manchester and Warwick have shown that depression is not contagious, and a communication with friends could double the chances of getting out of depression within 6-12 months. Perhaps this is the most important advantage multimarriage.  


Multimarriages already have existed and were exiting many thousands years. There are many families who actually live in multimarriage and have interconnected complex relationships and common children. This phenomenon only hasn’t  of the legal regulation but  psychological barriers will be weaker. Religious dogmas are at play but homosexual marriage broke this barrier easily.

It is more difficult with the psychological prejudice about a multimarriage. Many people perceive their partner in marriage as a subject of "personal use" and multimarriage is understood as a threat for their "exclusive rights". However, these biases are extremely sexual motivated or associated with a personal financial benefit from the marriage (marriage of convenience). The first problem can be solved by the refusal of sexual contacts (variant "just friends") with all members multimarriage or acceptance of such contacts as the norm. Both of these options have already functioning in modern society.

You can be sure that in the developed countries by the end of the century multimarriage will become a commonplace as a homosexual marriage.

A multimarriage will have a far greater impact on economy and society. In addition multimarriage psychologically healthier society teaches people to interact in a group and make it more social, that is especially true today. So the multimarriage is the positive scenarios of the future of humanity.