Wrap Technologies will tie legs to gaining

Mar 28, 2020

A small cap American company Wrap Technologies, Inc. has done recently new presentation its nonlethal weapon BolaWrap. A new device is capable of starting as a hit for police and security services.

On January 2020 Wrap Technologies presented BolaWrap for Las Vegas police. BolaWrap is small handheld device that shot off a robust Kevlar tether. The tether has four weights with hook at the end. Device shot this 8-foot tether like a bolo and could wrap a subject’s legs or arms at an effective range of 10-25 feet. In the field the most likely scenario will be shooting bolo into legs to immobilize a subject.

BolaWrap have the advantage of compact size (can be carried concealed) and lower risk of lethal accident. BolaWrap gets the upper hand against unarmed attacker and does not carry risk sudden cardiac arrest like in case with electric shockers.

BolaWrap could restraint of a fleeing criminal and deal with an issue of police officer's physical profile.

BolaWrap's serious limitation is that the tether is discharged by  .380 blank ammo. It is noisy device by contrast with Taser from Axon Enterprise Inc.

So, BolaWrap could begin service in the police if Wrap Technologies’ managers are capable to do right presentation. Also BolaWrap devices may have good sales on civil market.